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Battery Recycling

Discount Battery makes all efforts to keep the planet green. You'll find the best thing about our batteries is that they are lead acid, which is 98% recyclable. Since lead acid can be hazardous, our locations offer you the option to sell your old batteries back to us to be recycled properly. Contact us to learn more today!

Battery Recycling Services

Count on our knowledgeable and honest team to provide quality, name-brand batteries at competitive prices!

Your old batteries can be brought to us for disposal and reuse. Batteries are sent by truck, loaded to smelters and melted down into new batteries. The process is done with any battery you find at Discount Battery’s three locations.

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Discount battery encourages you to bring in any car, truck, marine, tractor lead acid battery for recycling. We pay top dollar for all your used lead acid batteries! Simply contact us for pricing to find out how much your used batteries are worth.

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